• Aluminum Foil Paper Laminating
  • Plastic Laminating Roll Film
  • Food Packaging Bag
  • Medicinal Packaging Bag
  • Biological Packaging Bag
  • Daily Necessities Bag
  • Electronic Bag
  • White&Black Film Roll
  • Black Film Roll
  • Paper plastic composite film
  • Composite roll film
  • Eighteen
  • One
  • Composite roll film
  • Customized composite roll film
  • Composite roll film production factory
  • Composite roll film production factory
  • Food packaging bag
  • Food packaging bag
  • Food packaging bag 3
  • Food packaging bag 4
  • Food packaging bag 5
  • Food packaging bag 6
  • Medicine packing bag
  • Medicine packing bag 2
  • Medicine packing bag 3
  • Medicine packing bag 4
  • Medicine packing bag 5
  • Medicine packing bag 6
  • Medicine packing bag 7
  • Bio chemical industry
  • Bio chemical industry 2
  • Bio chemical industry 3
  • Bio chemical industry 4
  • Daily Necessities Bag
  • Electronic packaging bag
  • Electronic packaging bag 2
  • Electronic packaging bag 3
  • Electronic packaging bag 4
  • Black and white film
Multifunctional and fully automatic machinery equipment.

√We have a large-scale production base,and have the strong department , production department and sales team !The time of delivery is guaranteed.

√The efficient production technique make us reduce the production cost.


Strict quality control system, the world's top five hundred cooperation experience

√we have passed the ISO 9001 international quality system and QS certification .

√From the design to the Purchasing of the materials, Production process and Product testing are all in accordance with international standards.


We have a low production costs.Choose us and save your money.

√We are not only your supplier, but also your budget experts.We are willing to provide the lowest cost production solutions and the greatest degree of reduction in production costs to do the best for you.


A one-stop production service The factory is on your side.

√From order to shipment Professional one to one the "Butler" order tracking service order statistics report without delay let you zero distance management factory


·What our Customer's said?
  • ·Indonesia customers

    We are a India company in the food industry,we knew zhaomei packaging company in a International Packaging Exhibition a few years ago .Then we build a cooperative relationship with Zhaomei ,which is a stable supplier ,whether the quality and the service .We are glad to have a such professional manufacture .Thanks for your cooperation ...more>>

  • ·Customers in Munich, Germany

    We are a cleaning products company from Germany,we know Zhaomei from the Internet in 2010,After several times cooperation, we establish a Harmonious Relationship with Zhaomei.They provide high quality products for us ,and help us to enhance the image of products and promote the product sales volume.Thank you for your strongly support...more>>

  • ·Australian customers

    We are a cosmetics company in Australia .Before we met Zhaomei ,we spent too much time and money on finding a dependable packaging manufacturer .Finally,we visited Zhaomei company,which makes us very satisfied. For years ,we have cooperated well with Zhaomei and they are best supplier of us .more>>

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